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All content has been taken from actual evaluations that former students completed at the end of the program. We hope these reviews will help answer your question regarding our intensive Japanese language program, and that the KCP student comments are useful to you in making an informed decision about applying. Enjoy — KCP Review!

Keep up on the studying day-to-day and definitely use the study lounge (図書室) after class to either preview or just plan out your studying before you return home.

Kiran from Spring 2024

I thought the outings were rather interesting because they provided us with some outside-of-the-classroom experience to places I may have not gone otherwise.

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I had a great time learning how to play the Koto in Koto Club.

Ryan from Spring 2024

I also had the pleasure of participating in doing the omikoshi as well. The Japanese Culture Trips were also a great experience. Being able to participate in activities and events exclusive to Japan’s culture was a worthwhile experience.

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I found the debates very engaging and interactive.

Kyle Siegfreid from Spring 2024

The school excursions were also very informative and fun.

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The work load is very heavy but for my future goals it has suited my needs.

Moriah from Spring 2023

It was also a unique opportunity to be able to perform in the graduation ceremony and experience it even if I wasn’t graduating.

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Being taught in Japanese made me improve quickly.

Spenser from Spring 2024

It was very interesting to play Japanese style games and it was good opportunity to bond as a class, I felt.

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I felt the most productive and interesting aspects of the program were honestly the teachers' varied styles of teaching.

Garrett from Winter 2023

Each teacher had their own character and input in how they came about explaining things, and it made each new day interesting and fun to experience

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The most interesting part to me was the immersive teaching style,

Aponi from Spring 2023

I really liked that way of teaching. Even though it requires a lot of studying I really enjoyed that aspect.

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Participating in club activities helped my language learning considerably.

Selina from Winter 2023

The literature club in particular significantly improved my reading and speaking ability. It also built confidence in my skills and encouraged me to take on bigger challenges.

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KCP is very intensive, but if you do your homework and study and make an effort, you will learn SO fast.

David from Winter 2023

You have to make an effort to study and do your homework to keep up, but it will be worth it and you won’t learn Japanese faster.

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I found tests to be a good indicator of where I was at over homework.

Joseph from Winter 2023

Being able to consult with teachers anytime was really nice and helped me shape what I want to do in Japan.

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KCP is a great school and you can learn a lot here if you put in the work. Expect to study a lot, and expect teachers to be strict when grading, especially in levels 1-4. There will be days when you don’t think you’re getting any better, but that’s usually because the classes are always going to be challenging. That’s a good thing.