Why study abroad?

In another country, you not only learn the language, but you also about experience real life (and the best of its culture). You improve both your language skills and your inter-cultural competence. Thus, you grow as a human being.

  • Learning in another country is the best way to embrace the big world out there, not just the U.S. with its advantages and challenges.
  • Solid language fluency, along with other strengths, is a highly marketable skill.
  • Teaching another language gives you more opportunity to visit that country frequently.
  • Fluency in another language is good for your brain—it makes you smarter, no joke.
  • It’s fun (and addictive) to awaken culturally: to learn the different ways people live.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to study abroad is personal growth. When you live in another culture, you are a little distanced from your own culture, and you learn a lot about who you are as a person.  Personal growth is an opportunity like no other to reach your potential.